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With this membership you have access to the recordings of all our live webinars, the live classes we do for our course Making: The Future of Footwear and of all lectures that we give at conferences organized by others. It is the ideal subscription for professionals who need to stay updated on footwear innovation. 

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The Footwearists Membership is automatically included in our flagship course Making: The Future of Footwear
The Footwearists are a leading source of information in the international Footwear industry. Here you see our founder Nicoline van Enter interviewed by National Geographic about why there is so much plastic in sneakers.


  • access to recording of our live webinars on Crowdcast
  • acces to recordings of live classes for Making: The Future of Footwear
  • access to lectures by The Footwearists at conferences organized by others

Membership Format

Through this membership you can always stay up to date in the area of footwear innovation. 
Each month there is a new live class for our flagship course "Making: The Future of Footwear" and several times per year we organize live webinars around groundbreaking technologies with experts guests. 
If you are not a Footwearists Member, you can only join these classes and webinars live, otherwise you miss out. However, if you are a member, you have access to all recordings at any time.

We will also include lectures that we give at conferences organized by our business relations. In that case we usually wait a few weeks to upload the recording, since we are not aiming to compete or interfere with these conferences in any way.

Course Audience

This membership is open to everyone. Due to its affordable price it is also ideal for university students that are aspiring to a career in the footwear industry.

Participants of "Making: The Future of Footwear" have the membership included in the course price. If your course access expires after 12 months, you can either choose to prolong it, or choose to only keep following live classes through the Footwearists Membership.



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