The event that brings 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies to the footwear industry, layer by layer...


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Footwearology is the only academy for footwear professionals that focuses purely on meaningful innovation, enabling you to create and embrace a better future for the entire footwear industry. All our courses take place online and/or in our LAB in Barcelona, Spain.

Besides teaching, we do research and consulting, focusing on redesigning the entire footwear supply chain by directly connecting technology suppliers, creatives and social media platforms.

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Finally it is here: AI for Footwear! 

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I took 3 online courses at Footwearology: "Making: The Future of Footwear", 3D Footwear Design in Rhino and Grasshopper for Footwear. My English is not so good, but you can watch the videos again and again, slow them down and now you also have interactive transcription, so you can read along with the video or translate text in your own language for better understanding.

I think the most valuable thing is the Footwearology community: here you find people from all over the world and they have different backgrounds and knowledge. So when I have a question about footwear, once I post this to the community, not only Footwearology teachers, but also other participants, who have a different background, will answer and offer worthful information to me.

Even if you are already a professional for footwear, you can always gain something from the other professionals. 

I recommend you to join this community and look forward to exchange information with each other!
I followed Professional Sole Design and I really enjoyed the course. I think you are doing a spectacular job in the footwear area.
Congratulations, a platform like yours was needed!
I took almost all courses of Footwearology in order to gather the knowledge I need to build my business in performance footwear that is made to size, using automated design and manufacturing systems. 

For instance, Professional Sole Design gave me the background as to where the industry is coming from, whereas the Grasshopper class is offering me a way to automate everything that is going on. So I can now automate my designs for change, which is very important to be able to fit people's feet.
Carol McDonald
OWNER OF GNEISS CONCEPTS and Co-Chair, 3D Body Processing at IEEE Standards Association 


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