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Lattice Design in Grasshopper

We have been actively 3D printing shoes and midsoles for a long time now and those of you that follow us, know that we have been very critical about how lattices are currently used in midsoles and other footwear parts. In our opinion, if they are not personalised in any way, the consumer will fail to understand the purpose of lattices and just see them as an aesthetic, or even a nuisance, since dirt can easily get inside.

We have now turned our criticism into a groundbreaking course that will teach you a smooth workflow in Grasshopper to apply lattices in a way that adds real value and optimal wearability. There are 3 classes, each of 3 hours, that were given live online by our "lattice lover" Luis Bugin and have been recorded. When you enroll you will have access to these recording for 12 months. 

We are fully aware that there are multiple software applications on the market that help create lattices, but financially these are not always accessible for everyone. That is why we have chosen to teach you a workflow in Grasshopper, which we assume that all professional 3D modelers already have. The course includes all Grasshopper definitions that were used, as well as a wealth of other resources about lattice design.

This is a course for people that have already finished our 3D Footwear Modeling in Rhino 7 course - or have experience in Rhino through another source - and have basic knowledge of Grasshopper. If you have never done any Grasshopper at all, this is not the course for you. If you are in doubt if this course is the right fit for you, please just send us an email.
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We will start by building basic lattices like these, but then we progress to personalizing these in several ways and we will experiment with (partially) covering or walling them, to prevent issues with dirt getting inside.

Course Content

learn to love lattices

Who should follow this course?

This course is meant for all professional sole designers and computational designers, whether you have already been working with lattices or would like to get started on it. Since lattices are meant for 3D printing, it is also a great course for all experienced 3D designers that want to make 3D printed shoes in powder or resin.
Since personalisation is key in this training, it is very suitable as well for those working in the orthopedic industry or any other footwear segment that focuses on customisation of comfort and performance.
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  • access to the recordings of the 3 online workshops for 12 months
  • the option to ask questions to the trainer, also after the workshops
  • references and resources for further study
  • 1 certification
  • Computer (Mac or PC) with Rhino and Grasshopper. You will receive links to necessary plugins ahead of time.

Class format: maximum of 20 participants

This course exists of 3 in-depth workshops  that each focus on how to design (custom) lattices for footwear. From basic applications, to more complex ones that are based on various kinds of foot scan data.

Day #1: Lattice Design in Grasshopper 3D
  1. Creating Voronoi Lattice Wireframe - learn how to create voronoi cells from 2D to 3D in any shape   
  2. Creating Unit Cell Lattice Wireframe -  from simple arrays to morphing twisted boxes
  3. Thicken Lattice with Voxels - Understanding from pixels (2D) to voxels (3D), how combine complex structures on a 3D printable geometry
  4. Exercise - Build a Voronoi 3D lattice infill for orthopedic insole   
Day #2: Lattices Applied to Footwear Design
  1. Creating a Midsole Lattice - Learn to parametricaly a lattice inside a midsole design space
  2. Creating an Upper Lattice - Apply learned concepts to create a single layer lattice on Upper surface.

Day #3: Customization of Lattice Structures
  1. Insole Voronoi Lattice - Customize thickness and cell density based on parametrized sensors and raw pressure data
  2. Midsole Unit Cell Lattice - Customize regions properties with different unit cell types
  3. Upper / Shell Lattice - Customize design features with holes, logos and solid geometries. 

Course Requirements

Professional experience in footwear design is required, we are not teaching shoe design as such in this course.
You also need to have enough knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper already, this is an intermediate to advanced level course. 
Meet your instructor

Luis Bugin

Luis is a highly experienced computational designer from Brazil. He joined the team of Footwearology Lab last summer, researching data-driven design applications and additive manufacturing technologies on mass customization of footwear. He is working with lattice structures daily and is one of the leading experts on custimization of lattices.
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During the course you will learn to create different material behaviors by programming and combining various parametric cell units.