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Win the Laceless Challenge 2022 with this free course!

Together with Laceless and Desma we are partnering in the Laceless Challenge 2022, the best sneaker design contest in the world. This time the subject is "Design for Manufacturing 4.0" and your shoe will be made LIVE during the DESMA House Fair in September. This is THE bi-annual event for footwear technology and all big brands will be there, so the winner will get huge industry exposure!

To help you win this challenge we are giving you 4 FREE classes that will teach you what you need to know about Manufacturing 4.0 and how to design for it. With your special discount code, which you get when you register for this course, you also get considerable discounts on several of our other courses.
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PUrfect Design

In this free webinar, that was joined by almost 300 people, we introduce the material sponsor for the Laceless Challenge: Huntsman Corporation, one of the largest providers of polyurethanes for footwear. Together with DESMA they will be making the winning design.

Since there were many questions about the use of PU and TPU, we asked Johan, Peter and Craig - Huntsman's shoe dogs and footwear polyurethane experts - to discuss several entries for the Laceless Design Challenge from a material perspective.
How could they be made? What materials could best be used? How could you add new functions and aesthetics through the use of PU and TPU? And how can we make these shoes as circular as possible?

You can now watch the replay of the webinar here! Many thanks to DESMA and Huntsman for their great support of the Laceless Challenge!

Course Contents

In these four free classes we will provide you with all the knowledge and insights you need to get your design to a level that can make you win the competition. Even if you are already an experienced designer, we are certain there are several aspects that you did not know about yet.
We recommend that you watch the videos in the order in which they are presented and please watch them in full. You will have access to these classes for the full duration of the Laceless Challenge, so you can come back to them whenever you need.

Before you start: please download the lasts and the knit swatches from the Laceless website!

These are your expert teachers:

#learn from the best | #they know how sneakers are really made

He is a true footwear technology visionary and his groundbreaking ideas are the secret behind many famous sneaker concepts. 
Always looking at the future and at the bigger picture, Miss Footwearology herself will make you rethink and improve your approach to shoe design.
The professional dancer who became a master in 3D knitting by running the innovation department of a famous footwear knitting factory in China.

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