Get access to all our 3D modeling and ai courses for an amazing monthly rate!

Footwearology AI Bundle

This is the ideal bundle for all of you that want to become professional 3D modelers for footwear. It now gives access to ALL our main 3D modeling courses, including our latest AI course:

AI for Footwear
3D Footwear Modeling in Blender 
3D Footwear Modeling in Rhino7
Grasshopper for Footwear
SubD Series
Lattice Design in Grasshopper

We created this bundle to make these popular courses accessible for as many people as possible.  You can either pay the bundle at once, or choose to pay in 12 monthly instalments. No matter what payment option you choose, you will have access to all these courses as soon as you have enrolled. 

You will have this access for a duration of 12 months, which is ample time to finish all courses. After that, you can prolong your access each year for 20% of the total course fee. We do this because these courses will be updated regularly as new software releases come out. This way you can have access to those future updates as well.