Lesson series for 3d printed footwear
LEVEL: beginner

3D Footwear Modeling 
in Blender 3.4

This online course is the first of a series that we are releasing for those of you that want to be able to design and 3D print wearable footwear using affordable FDM printers that can work with flexible materials. 

If you want to 3D print a shoe, you will first have to create a 3D model of it and in this course you will learn how to do that step by step from scratch in a free software called Blender

After this course you will know all the commands, tools and plugins you need to create and adjust well-fitting 3D printed shoes. You will also know how to check whether your shoe can indeed be printed and how to solve any potential printing issues in the model. Last but not least, you will learn how to make a professional render - like the one you see here - to present your design on social media.

The classes consist of clear video exercises that you can follow at your own pace, since you have access to them for 12 months. You can ask questions directly to your instructor through our online platform. You can get a certificate for this course after you sent us your completed 3D file and render.

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Course Modules

Who should take this course?

This course is meant for footwear designers, developers and innovators that want to be able to create 3D models of shoes that can be 3D printed with affordable FDM printers. Not just as prototypes, but as fully wearable end products.

This is a beginner course that does not require any prior knowledge of 3D modeling software. However, we do recommend that you already have knowledge of footwear design, since this is not a design course. You will not start by creating your own design, you will simply learn how to use Blender to make a printable 3D model of a shoe by following a series of exercises using a design that your expert teacher Kedar Benjamin created for this course. You can then apply this knowledge to your own designs later.
Please note: if you want to learn 3D modeling because you want to create designs that could also be molded, then we recommend you follow our course 3D Footwear Modeling in Rhino 7 instead! This Blender course is specifically meant for shoes that are produced with 3D printing!

This means we will also not cover commands that are meant for conventional footwear uppers, such as stitching lines, laces and zippers. If you want to learn that we also recommend that you follow our Rhino course. 

Soon we will add more courses about how to design for 3D printing, how to do grading and slicing, how to use your 3D printer and how to start a business with 3D printed shoes. Since creating your 3D model is essential and most of the work, we start with this!

Course contents

Module 1 - Blender Basics

  • Installing Blender
  • Installing add-ons
  • Blender interface
  • Topology
  • How to start from a digital last
  • Subdivision surfaces
  • Edit mode
  • Object mode
  • Transforms
  • Shortcut keys
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Module 2 - 3D Printable Shoe Shell

  • Modeling a simple shoe shell with good topology for 3D printing
  • Modeling a more complex shape from image reference
  • How to use N-Gons and Triangles
  • How to attach meshes together and manage edge loops
  • Using the last’s low poly geometry to help you make the inside of the shoe
  • Shrinkwrap method for the last
  • 3D printing toolkit and visualizing thickness in edit mode
  • Measurements in Blender
  • Creating an outsole pattern in Tissue
  • Geometry nodes basics, creating patterns
  • Sculpt mode for textures, multi-res modifier
  • Alphas and brushes in sculpt mode
  • Smoothing in sculpt mode
  • Retopology from a sculpt
  • Automatic retopology in sculpt mode and modifiers 
  • Sculpt mode for adjustments and reducing mesh density in desired areas
  • UV unwrapping and displacement textures 
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Module 3 - Rendering 3D Printed Textures

  • The principled shader
  • Procedural textures for rendering fast
  • Using eevee lighting
  • How to render Gcode in Blender
  • How to render a turntable in cycles and eevee
  • Using EXR, the compositor and image sequencer to make videos
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Meet your instructor

Kedar Benjamin

Kedar Benjamin - aka Benjometry - is an industrial and computational designer from Bengaluru, India. He decided to specialize in footwear after winning a shoe design contest by 3D printing company Sintratec. In the summer of 2022, right before he joined Footwearology, he was invited by Zellerfeld to design the world’s first AI-generated, commercially available 3D printed shoe. His collaboration with Dall•E 2 and Zellerfeld, Basilisk, has been printed numerous times at Footwearology LAB with various adjustments made each time for different printing methods and materials, which has further expanded our experience in design for FDM printing using Blender. Apart from Blender, Kedar is also experienced in Houdini, Grasshopper and Rhino.
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