3D printing wearable footwear

New Course dates: October 7-11, 2024

Many people are asking us how we are 3D printing the shoes we are posting regularly on our Instagram. In this course we will teach you how at our printing lab in beautiful Barcelona!
This is NOT a course for 3D modeling footwear though, this focuses purely on the 3D printing as such.  You can e
ither bring shoe designs that you 3D modeled yourself, or if you cannot do any 3D modeling yet, you can follow our simple AI workflow that turns a 2D image into a 3D mesh that you can print.

You will be using FDM printers that work with flexible and foaming TPU filament or pellets, because with these you can produce wearable and affordable shoes that can be fully recycled. You will learn all the technical ins and outs that you need to know about 3D printing and you will leave with your own printed shoe and the knowledge how to print more by yourself!
To give everyone enough time on the printers this course has a maximum of 6 participants, so please enroll asap to secure your spot! 

We have an attractive early bird rate until May 31!

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 The sneakers you will be learning to print are ready to wear when they come off the printer and can be worn daily like any other shoes.

bring your designs to life in 3d

Who should follow this course?

This course is meant for shoe designers that would like to be able to produce their own designs as wearable shoes that can be produced and sold on demand. The focus is on sneakers and other flat shoes, this is NOT a course for high heels, for this you will need a very different setup!

We will only be printing on FDM printers, so not on printers with resin or powder! This means that we will not be printing any complex lattice structures! 

The course is suitable for people with and without experience in 3D design and printing; we adjust the program to each participant's level of experience.
Below you see a gallery of shoes that were printed in previous courses, which gives you an impression of the great variety of styles that are possible and shows some of our AI workflow going from 2D to 3D and then to printing.
We will always have to check ahead of time if your design is printable though, or might need adjustments.
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Course Format

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  • 5 days of training in Barcelona with your own dedicated 3D printer
  • 3D printing materials by Recreus
  • slicing profiles specific to footwear
  • personal advice for your best printing strategy
  • certificate


  • travel to our lab in Barcelona
  • accommodation in Barcelona
  • lunch and diner

Please bring your own laptop - Mac or PC - with Cura and Prusa Slicer installed. These are both free softwares.
It is highly recommended to have a mouse!

Course subjects/skills

The course will cover the following subjects:
  • design for 3D printing with FDM printers
  • materials for FDM printing
  • hardware: how an FDM 3D printer works
  • slicing: preparing your design for printing
  • printing shoes and troubleshooting

Course schedule

Classes take place at our lab: Carrer d´Espronceda 103 in Barcelona

Each day there will be classes from 9:30 - 17:30 with a 90 minute lunch break.

The final day-to-day schedule will be shared closer to the date, since this depends on the level of experience of the participants and on the complexity of the shoes that need to printed.
Meet your instructors

Nicoline van Enter

Nicoline van Enter is one of the founders of Footwearology and Footwearology Lab. She is a world-renowned technology forecaster and visionary thinker, working for tech builders and brands around the world. She has been printing wearable shoes since 2012 and has been consulting with several brands that make printed footwear, such as Feetz, Zellerfeld, Fused Footwear and Adidas.
Nico will be assisted by our in-house 3D printing team.
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You will be working with the printers in our lab, learning in-depth about both hardware, software and materials. You will experience different printers so you can make an informed choice which one is best for you.