Open Lab weeks!

Dates: August 19-30, 2024

So many of our course participants have asked if they could please stay longer at our lab, so they could use our machines to work on their own projects or just to experiment with some new ideas. Since we have now expanded both our team  and the number of machines, we can finally offer this possibility!

In the last two weeks of August you can come and work at our lab, using our printers and knitting machines! We will have staff available to help you and give you advice, but it is not a course, you will be working independently, like in a fab lab. 

You will get your own spot to work, access to the machines and materials that we have, and you will also be able to browse our private library with thousands of books on footwear design and history, as well as art, textiles and other materials, biotechnology, architecture etc.

We have several different options, depending on when and how long you want to be there and which machines you want to have access to. You are not allowed to operate our knitting machines by yourself, but you can explain your wishes to our programmer and choose from the selection of yarns we have available.

For just printing we can have 4 people per week,  but for knitting only 2, since the programming takes more time. Reserve your spot now through the buttons below. If you want to come for two weeks, then please enroll separately for each week. 

If you book before June 30 you pay 100 euros less!


Is this an opportunity for YOU?

The Open Lab Weeks are suitable for footwear professionals that already have some experience in 3D modeling and 3D printing, or would like to try knitting, and want to use our unique range of machines. You will find an overview of all machines below. 

We have experts in house to help you with what you want to do, but these weeks are NOT suitable for absolute beginners. We do require that you are able to build a shoe in 3D by yourself. We can help you with technical questions and details, but we cannot make a design for you. 

It is also a great opportunity for people who can work remotely and would like to spend some time trying new things, making prototypes and meeting other footwear creatives and innovators in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

If you want to explore knitting, you do not need experience with that, since you will have to collaborate with our programmer for this. We do require that you have experience with footwear design though. Again, this is not for complete beginners. 

Are you in doubt if this is for you? Then send us a message at info@footwearology.com

Practical information

Lab address:
Carrer d´Espronceda 103, Barcelona
(walking distance from the beach)

Lab opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00 CEST

Included in the price:
  • Technical assistance of our staff
  • Materials available at the lab (filaments, pellets, yarns)
  • Coffee, tea and water
  • Good vibes and inspiration!

Our machines

Below you see an overview of the machines we currently have. We keep expanding, so in August we might have even more! Of some machine we have more than one, the number is indicated between brackets behind the machine name.

FLSUN V400 (2X)

This is an ideal machine to print shoes very fast, since it is a direct drive delta printer with a stationary buildplate. This means that it can handle soft and flexible materials and the model stays very stable, making it possible to print a full shoe in just a few hours. 
Print volume: 300mm x 300mm x 410mm

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus (3x)

This is great basic printer that can make anything, can handle flexible materials, and has a large enough build volume for shoes. We have 3 of them with different nozzle sizes.
Print volume: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm
Artillery Sidewinder X2 (4x)
This is the earlier version of the Sidewinder, also a good basic machine that can print shoes and lasts and handle flexible materials. We have 4 of them with a 1mm nozzle size.
Print volume: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max

Because of its large build plate, this machine is ideal for 3D printing textiles or for printing on top of textiles. We use it to print uppers (flat) with different textures and then stitch them to an insole board which is also printed.
Print volume: 420mm x 420mm x 480mm


This is a large industrial printer that uses pellets (granules) instead of filaments. It allows for very fast prints in soft materials. Since this is a more complex machine, you can only use it when you are monitored by our staff. 
Print volume: 400mm x 400mm x 600mm
Direct 3D F30
If you want to start with pellet printing, then this is a good machine for you. It is basically like a Sidewinder, but with a pellet extruder. This means you can use softer materials. You could try your model on this machine before we do it on the WASP.
Print volume: 290mm x 240mm x 250 mm

Bambulab X1 with AMS

This printer allows you to print with 4 different materials or colors, but it is not the best for flexible materials. We mainly use it to print hardware, such as fastenings, like clips or buckles.

Singer Heavy Duty

Since we want to make production automated, we sew as little as possible, but if we have to sew something, then this is an ideal machine. It can handle most materials, including 3D printed textiles and leather.

Vevor 8 press

This press allows you to laminate TPU film to a textile or to seal printed parts together with tape. 

Stoll ADF 330 ki

This is one of the most advanced flat knitting machines in the market. It is ideal for making fully seamless uppers, including loops, straps etc. We use it to develop new modular constructions using knitting. This machine is operated only by our in-house programmer, he will translate your wishes into an upper.

Santoni XT

This circular knitting machine is developed especially for footwear uppers. It makes full 3d socks with multiple layers in a matter of minutes. This machine can also only be operated by our programmer.

Cecotec Total Iron 10100 pro

This machine is used to steam knitted uppers into shape.