February 26-29, 2024

This course is meant for product managers, creative directors, senior designers and trend forecasters that want to learn how to apply AI to optimize their product development workflow from ideation to manufacturing.

We will focus on how to use AI  for creating coherent and manufacturable collections that consistently follow your brand DNA and the seasonal trends that are relevant to your brand. We also will show you how AI can streamline collaboration among all stakeholders, saving you loads of time and money. 

We intentionally organize this course for a small group with a maximum of 10 people, so we can tailor the contents to each participant.

This course is a great combination with our ongoing online course AI for Footwear, which is why we now have an amazing course bundle that includes both courses!

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Course Schedule

Day 1:
General introduction to AI for footwear
Analyzing your current product development workflow
Defining pain points and bottle necks which could be solved by AI

Day 2:

How to use and streamline AI prompting
How to use and streamline text to image AI

Day 3:

Options for AI for 3D design
Options for AI for manufacturing
Day 4:
Training your own AI models for:
  • Carry-over products
  • Brand DNA
  • Seasonal trends and creative direction

Day 5:
Defining your ideal AI workflow

Please note that the program may vary to include the needs of all participants!


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We are showing you workflows for all parts of the design process. For instance, AI also allows you to create design drawings, either from scratch or using existing sketches or photographs. This allows you to streamline the way you create CADs, so you no longer have to spend hours in Illustrator. If you want, you can also trace them in Illustrator and use Illustrator´s own AI functions for coloring and adjustments.
Many brands have carry over styles or existing tooling that they would like to use in new collections. We will show you how you can train an AI model to make quick renditions based upon these. This way you can have AI models for all your iconic looks for your designers and color/material teams to work with. You can even combine these models to create new icons.
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3D options for AI are continually improving and expanding. We will take you through the existing options and explain their pros and cons in comparison with - and in combination with - existing 3D design applications.

AI + Automation

In the course we will also address how you could potentially link AI to manufacturing systems, combining AI with algorithmic design automation. This is advanced knowledge, so instead of teaching you how to do that, we are explaining what options you have, so you will be able to create a strategy for your company and know which steps to take for that.
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Course details and requirements


  • 5 days of classes in a small group with lots of personal mentoring
  • On boarding call before the course starts, so we can analyze your needs and tailor the contents of the course to the audience
  • coffee, tea and water at the lab


  • travel to and from Barcelona
  • accommodation in Barcelona
  • daily commute to the lab
  • breakfast, lunch, diner

You have to bring your own laptop (PC or Mac), with Adobe Creative Suite installed (Photoshop Illustrator). One month before the course we will inform you which AI applications we will be focusing on. Whenever possible, we will aim to use free trials, however, some of the applications do require a subscription. We aim to limit costs for this to a maximum of 100 euros.


This is a course for senior footwear professionals that are leading design and other product development teams. It also very suitable for trend forecasters and color/material teams.

You will not need to be able to sketch or do 3D design, but you will need to have experience with the product development process.


The classes are every day from 10am - 6pm with a 90-minute lunch break. They will take place at our lab in Barcelona: Carrer d´Espronceda 103. 

We are in a central location close to metro station Poblenou and various bus and tram lines.
Meet your instructor

Nicoline van Enter

Nicoline van Enter is one of the founders of Footwearology and Footwearology Lab. She is a world-renowned technology forecaster and visionary thinker, working for tech builders and brands around the world. She has already been working with various kinds of AI for several years and received early access to several of the current AI platforms for design. In this course she will share her experience with upskilling design teams for companies in AI, focusing on strategy and team work.
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