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Footwearology is the only online academy for footwear professionals. We enable you to gain the knowledge that will get you, and the companies you work for, ready to create and embrace a better future. 

The academy is run by The Footwearists; a renowned international innovation platform for the footwear industry that brings together brilliant minds from all over the planet. Besides teaching, we do research and consulting.

How much is enough?

Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.... to counter November's focus on stimulating mindless consumerism, we are making an extra big push this month to help the footwear industry actually walk the walk towards a more balanced and regenerative society. We do this through unprecedented course offers - especially for companies - and a series of free live classes.

November offer you cannot refuse: 
access to ALL our current courses for one flat rate! 

We take pride in the fact that more than 50% of our students follow multiple courses with us and that several companies, such as VF Corporation, On Running and Salomon, have enrolled entire teams into several of our courses. During our promotion in October we received so many requests for group offers or for course packages that we decided to take a rigorous decision: in November we are offering "Access all Courses" badges for incredible rates!

The total value of all our courses is 2184 euros, so with the badges you get discounts from 50% for an individual badge to even 80% for a team badge! We can do this because we have attracted some sponsorships for Footwearology - which will start next year - so we can lower our prices and make our courses even more accessible!

And... if you used our October promotion and would rather upgrade to an Access all Courses badge now, then you only need to pay the remaining price difference! Please contact us for a special payment link for that!
The following courses are included:

There are 2 Access all Courses badges for teams: one for a maximum of 5 users and one for a maximum of 10 users. This means you have 5 or 10 user accounts and you can change who uses these during the 12 months that your badge is valid! So, if you first want 3 people to do Rhino and 2 others to do Grasshopper and when they are finished you want to put 5 different people in Making: The Future of Footwear, then you can do so! We can change the names of the users in your account for you, as long as you do not exceed your maximum number of user accounts.

Choose your ideal option:

You can choose your ideal option through the button below, click on the little arrow next to "single user" if you want to choose one of the team options. Then click on your preferred payment method. You can pay by Paypal or with any credit or debit card! Please contact us if you prefer to pay by bank transfer. 
After you have bought a team badge, then please email us with the names and email addresses of the team members you want to enroll. Each team member has access to ALL current courses.

Please use the Paypal button below to purchase the Access all Courses badge of your choice:
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Making: the future of footwear

circular product development

Our courses on sustainability

ideal TO TAKE WITH your ENTIRE team

Our courses on 3D modeling


I took 3 online courses at Footwearology: "Making: The Future of Footwear", 3D Footwear Design in Rhino and Grasshopper for Footwear. My English is not so good, but you can watch the videos again and again, slow them down and now you also have interactive transcription, so you can read along with the video or translate text in your own language for better understanding.

I think the most valuable thing is the Footwearology community: here you find people from all over the world and they have different backgrounds and knowledge. So when I have a question about footwear, once I post this to the community, not only Footwearology teachers, but also other participants, who have a different background, will answer and offer worthful information to me.

Even if you are already a professional for footwear, you can always gain something from the other professionals. 

I recommend you to join this community and look forward to exchange information with each other!
I followed Professional Sole Design and I really enjoyed the course. I think you are doing a spectacular job in the footwear area.
Congratulations, a platform like yours was needed!
I took almost all courses of Footwearology in order to gather the knowledge I need to build my business in performance footwear that is made to size, using automated design and manufacturing systems. 

For instance, Professional Sole Design gave me the background as to where the industry is coming from, whereas the Grasshopper class is offering me a way to automate everything that is going on. So I can now automate my designs for change, which is very important to be able to fit people's feet.
Carol McDonald
OWNER OF GNEISS CONCEPTS and Co-Chair, 3D Body Processing at IEEE Standards Association 

Calculate your discount!

For people that would rather not buy an attractive "Access all Courses" package, we still have our regular discount system on individual courses. We take great pride in the fact that more than 50% of our students follow several courses with us! Some start with a beginner course and work their way up to an advanced level and others follow several different subjects at the same time.
It all depends on your needs: you determine what courses to follow, in which order and within which time frame.
Here is how it works:
1st course: full price
2nd course: 20% discount with code SECOND20
3rd course or more: 30% discount with code THIRD30
After you bought your first course, you can use the discount codes for your next courses at any time you like. Each course is valid for 12


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