The Knitty Gritty: intensive course on knitting footwear uppers and other products

Course dates: April 13-16, 2023

Knitting is our most requested subject at the moment, so we decided to create an intensive course for it during which you will learn all the basics from our knitting master himself: Jordi Montaner.

During 4 days you will learn the basics of knitting technology, of yarns for knitting, how to go from design to sample, and you will actually learn some programming to create your own knitted designs.
We will cover both flat knitting and circular knitting, because in 2023 we will expand the lab with a Santoni circular knitting machine!

Since we are also getting a lot of requests from people outside the shoe industry - such as people from the car industry or people that want to make bags - we have decided to open this course for all kinds of designers.

Seats for this course are highly limited through, so everyone will get enough time on the machine. We can only allow 6 people in total, so you will have to be quick to enroll! 

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In this course you will learn about yarns, software and hardware and you will actually be knitting your own designs on our Matsuya knitting machine.


Who should follow this course?

This course is meant for all designers and developers that are already working with knitting or would like to work with knitting in the future. Since this is a technology that most designers did not learn in school, it is essential that you update and upgrade your knowledge and this course is ideal for that.
You do not need any previous knowledge of knitting for this course, but we do expect that you are a professional designer, since this is not a basic design course. If you are not in footwear, but would still like to understand more about flat knitting, then you are welcome as well, you can knit what you want during the class.
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You will learn all steps of the process, from how the machine works, to steaming objects in shape and laser-cutting to prevent fraying of the fabric.


  • 4 days of classes in Barcelona
  • access to our Matsuya flat knitting machine
  • access to the knitting software
  • visit to a local knitting factory
  • yarns to knit your design
  • 1 certification
  • specific yarns that we do not have at the lab (you are required to work with what we have)
  • travel costs to and in Barcelona
  • laptop with Illustrator and Photoshop installed

Class format: maximum of 6 participants

This is a live class given by our co-founder Jordi Montaner at our Barcelona Lab, since it requires access to our knitting, steaming and laser-cutting machines.

Each day there is class from 10:00 - 17:00 so you will also have time to see beautiful Barcelona. 

Day 1 - basics of knitting
  • Introduction to knitting technologies and varieties
  • Introduction to yarns
  • Introduction to the Matsuya machine and the software

Day 2: Design for knitting
  • How do you design for knitting?
  • Which technical aspects are essential to take into account?
  • How do you communicate with a knitting factory?
  • How do you present your designs to a factory?Visit to a local knitting factory (Layret)
Day 3: Programming for knitting
In the morning Jordi will take you through the basics of the knitting program and in the afternoon you get to play around with that yourself, mentored by Jordi.

Day 4: Knitting studio
This final day everyone works on programming their own designs and all samples are knitted so you can take them home

Course Requirements

Professional experience in footwear, or any other kind of design, is required, we are not accepting university students for this course.  There are no further requirements.
Meet your instructor

Jordi Montaner

Jordi Montaner - aka Yarn Carrier - has been in the (footwear) knitting industry for over 6 years. During his Master's degree in Footwear Innovation he visited K-Tech, a knitting factory in China, landed an internship there, was hired after a week and set up a full innovation department. He worked in China with leading brands and universities from around the world for 5 years, before Covid drove him back to his hometown of Barcelona, where he set up his own knitting consulting agency Kinno Design. Last year he merged this company with Footwearology Lab.
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Knitting is a very versatile technology that can be used for many kinds of 3D objects. The course focuses on footwear, but we also welcome designers that want to knit other 3D products.