CATEGORY: 3D modeling
LEVEL: Beginner

3D Footwear Design in Rhino 6

Learn how to model footwear designs - including lasts, uppers and soles - in 3D with Rhino, through clear step-by-step videos. If you need any help you can request a live class with your teacher or get help from your fellow students on the course community page.

We are now selling this course for a bottom price, since Rhino 7 was just released and includes a bunch of new exciting features that we want to teach you. So in January we start with a new Rhino 7 course.

If you first follow this Rhino 6 course - which is still super worthwhile - you will get 50% off the Rhino 7 course! 

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last - upper - midsole

This is what you will learn to make


  • 3 modules
  • 60 video classes (> 13 hrs)
  • interactive video transcription
  • 4 recorded live webinars
  • optional one-on-one live classes
  • 1 digital 3D last
  • access for 12 months
  • 1 certification

Course Format

The course consists of 3 modules that each include a series of short video classes:
1: making a last
2: making the upper
3: making the midsole

You can follow the video classes at your own pace. Rhino is not the easiest program to learn, but doing it online forces you to persist, since you cannot ask the teacher right away and have to try and figure it out yourself first. This is certainly the most effective and long lasting way to learn. You can see a free example of a video class on the bottom of the page!

And if you are really stuck, you can request a live class with your teacher Lorenzo at any time. This is included in the course price. You can also ask your questions on the community page of the course, so other students can help you as well.

We can provide a certificate upon completion, but then you will have to send in your 3 finished files - last, upper and midsole - for us to check. 

Course Audience

This course is meant for footwear designers that want to make 3D models that are very exact and could be used by a mold maker or that want to 3D print prototypes in-house. It covers how to find and fix any holes in your geometry, so you end up with a 3D printable file.

This course is also a must for people that want to expand their skills towards generative parametric design, since Rhino is directly integrated with Grasshopper, the leading application in that field. After this course you can continue with our new online course in Grasshopper.


You do not need any prior knowledge of 3D software, but we do assume that you already design footwear. This is NOT a course where you learn how to design shoes from scratch, we just focus on how to visualize them in a professional 3D model.

The course does NOT include the Rhino software. You can download a fully functional trial version that is valid for 90 days, which is more than enough to finish the course. Since Rhino 7 is now available, we suggest you download that trial version. In this course we do not focus yet on the new aspects of Rhino 7 though; we will do that in the new Rhino 7 course that starts in January 2021.

You can run Rhino both on a PC or a Mac. You can check the system requirements here. You will need a mouse! Not a trackpad or a stylus!


Lorenzo Masini

Industrial product designer
The course is developed and taught by Lorenzo Masini who has also been teaching the offline courses in Rhino and Grasshopper for The Footwearists for the past 5 years. Lorenzo is an independent product designer based in Florence, Italy, working in numerous roles such as product, exhibition and interior design, product engineering and idea creation.

Because of this broad experience in all kinds of computational design and 3D design, he was asked by SLEM - the institute from which The Footwearists were born - to teach 3D design specifically for footwear, which he has been doing for them ever since. With utmost patience he helps students navigate through any software easily, focusing on what they really need, and helping them to understand how to solve digital design challenges in multiple ways.

When Lorenzo is not designing, he is rapping as part of Cronofillers, a group of talented Italian rappers that comment on the state of our society. Lorenzo just finished a post graduate course in Advanced Robotics in Barcelona, since he is aiming to bring back high-tech manufacturing of design to Italy. He is based in Florence.


I took this course after I had already done "Making: the future of footwear". Previously I had tried to study Rhino by myself, but it was very difficult to achieve what I wanted. Because I really wanted to model footwear in Rhino (shoe upper , sole, and last) I also took this course and it has really helped me to model 3D shoes. 
My English is not very good, but you can play the videos over and over again and now you also have interactive transcripts so you can follow along.
footwear technical expert
Thanks a lot Lorenzo! We realize in a while how much you are professional. This single chat was a great plus of the course!
Footwear Design and Development
Starting ofF with zero experience in 3D modeling and a lot of passion for footwear, Lorenzo has guided me through Rhino perfectly. The lessons are clearly structured and the fact that Lorenzo is willing to answer specific questions one-on-one in a live session is more than great.
The course gave me a base on which I am able to build and further explore Rhino. Thanks a lot!
Duncan van norden
Student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute & INTERN AT THE FOOTWEARISTS
class overview

Course Contents

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Each class is split in short sections, so you can easily find specific commands that you want to review again. Here is an example of one of the classes that is about the making of the midsole. This is in the third section of the course, naturally you will learn all the basics first!
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